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  • Bleeding Sun by Matt Burns is the latest Warcraft short story, now up on the official site. 

    It features Sunwalker Dezco and explores the relationship between him and the Golden Lotus who have discovered something very important about his two newborn cubs. It’s really well written and excruciatingly heartbreaking (don’t say I didn’t warn you). I highly recommend reading it, it’s one of the best short stories they’ve put out. 

    "He’d always thought it odd that the Lotus had never torn down all the statues and edifices of the vale’s former rulers. Leaving them up was like giving the mogu a reason to come back. Once, he’d posed that concern to Mokimo, and he had replied, "The mogu believed that the vale served them. The Lotus believe we serve the vale. We leave their statues as a reminder of hubris and vanity."

    At the time, Dezco had been taken by the wisdom, but now the words seemed hollow. An excuse for inaction. If the celestials were so powerful, why didn’t they scour the mogu invaders? If the vale was a crucible for hope and peace as Leza had thought, why didn’t the energies welling up from this land help the Golden Lotus bring a swift end to the war?”

    Read the whole story…

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      Hey followers. I suffered and you should suffer, too! =D
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      Its sooo freaking awesome and sad. Can’t sleep now
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      Don’t do it. I cried. It was fantastic. Don’t.
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